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Wuhan 12" China Cymbal - Genuine Handcrafted in Wuhan China

Wuhan 12" China Cymbal - Genuine Handcrafted in Wuhan China

12" WUHAN TRADITIONAL CHINA CYMBAL Handcrafted in Wuhan, China.

Wuhan chinas sound fantastic and more authentic than any other.

Reliable-These Chinas are tough. Much of today's drumming is about hitting hard in different musical styles and Wuhans are made to be punished if required, but also have great dynamic range and deliver a very warm china response when played softly.

It's simple - The best chinas in the world have always come from China!

Wuhan Chinas
Generally thinner than models from other cymbal manufacturers, Wuhan China cymbals produce a breathy wash of overtones and a comfortable cushion of cymbal sound. Basically unchanged for thousands of years, Wuhan cymbal production starts with an ancient metal formula. Then skilled craftsmen shape and tune every Wuhan China cymbal by hand. As a result the Wuhan brand has become legendary for unique special-effects cymbals and gongs, paticularly in orchestral applications. Wuhan cymbals have a distinct and unmistakable character - every one is individual - no two sound the same!

Wuhan® cast china cymbals have a dark, explosive, trashy, authentic oriental sound. They are prized for their responsiveness, penetration, and distinctive tonalities.

Wuhan China cymbals are the real thing. They are the standard by which all other Chinatype cymbals are measured. Known for dynamic control, cutting penetration, volume and character, Wuhan Chinas are the prefered choice of the world's best drummers and orchestras everywhere. Every good recording studio has a Wuhan!

Wuhan 12" China
Short sustain/decay. Dark tones/high pitch range and cutting volume.
These cymbals vary in thickness due to their individual manufacturing. The thinner the cymbal the lower the pitch.

"Every WUHAN® cymbal produced today is as unique as the ancient cymbals produced thousands of years ago"

Add this sensational china cymbal to your setup now!

Other sizes and splash cymbals also available





2 X DP Percussion DP-CB3670H Professional Cymbal Boom Arms

2 X DP Percussion DP-CB3670H Professional Cymbal Boom Arms

AU $60.00
Save: -$1.00 RRP: $59.00

Out of Stock
BTB20 Brass Classic 5 Cymbal Box Set 14 16 20

BTB20 Brass Classic 5 Cymbal Box Set 14 16 20

AU $239.00
Save: $60.00 RRP: $299.00

Remo 14" Coated Ambassador UT Drum Head

Remo 14" Coated Ambassador UT Drum Head

AU $18.00
Save: $31.00 RRP: $49.00

Wuhan 16" China Cymbal - Genuine Handcrafted in Wuhan China

Wuhan 16" China Cymbal - Genuine Handcrafted in Wuhan China

AU $104.00
Save: $45.00 RRP: $149.00

Out of Stock
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