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Display Clearance Ufip Rough Series 16 inch Crash Cymbal ONE ONLY

Ufip Cymbals

Display Clearance Ufip Rough Series 16 inch Crash Cymbal ONE ONLY

Display Clearance Ufip Rough Series 16 inch Crash Cymbal ONE ONLY


Over time the 20 Bronze has discoloured al little, but at cost price you can't go wrong!


The sound of the Rough Series is unique, a balanced mix of both, power and control. A completely new system of turning is used to create these cymbals - Micro Lathing. This process creates the powerful character that defines this range. Rough Series are the perfect choice for any studio or live situation where a powerful controlled sound is required.

  • Alloy:

    Cast Bronze B20.

  • Production:

    Cast using the “Rotocasting”® Procedure, thermal procedure for reduction of surface tensions, completely hand
    made, deep hammered with double punch.

  • Level:


  • Application:

    Jazz, R&B, Fusion, Blues, Country, Acoustic.

  • Sound:

    Controlled, dark, rich and warm with frequencies concentrated on the low range of the sound spectrum.


About UFiP:
The UFIP history traces back to the 15th century. Ancestors of the Tronci and Biasei families were making organ pipes and candelabra for churches in Tuscany back then. Just recently a cymbal made of bell bronze was discovered inside one of the oldest churches in Florence.

Sound is always at the core of all Ufip's efforts. Machines are only utilized as assistance to hand made processes in order to ensure absolute consistency. Remotely different from mass production facilities each step of cymbal making at UFIP is controlled by experienced and dedicated cymbal smiths. A unique approach found rarely in todays fast moving and technology oriented world.

This is the background for the top of the line UFIP range, the Roto Cast Collection which is considered as the ultimate in sound among professional artists all over the world.


Roto Casting
Ufip's exlusive roto casting creates more thickness of material at the base of the bell giving more strength and integrity of sound than any other cymbal. All other cast cymbals stretch the bell from the heated cymbal ingot once rolled. This creates weakness in that area of the cymbal resulting in common cracking problems and poor bell sound. With splash cymbals this is crucial as much more of the cymbal's surface area is the bell. There is no comparison between Ufip and any other splash.

Since 1931 UFIP have been making their cymbals and its percussion instruments with the same care. Every UFIP instrument is created with passion, worked with precision and tested with great attention. Every UFIP musical instrument is unique and exclusively hand-made.

UFIP cymbals are designed to accompany musicians throughout their musical journey, growing and improving with them. From the amateur to the most dedicated professional, no musician is left out of the vast range of sounds offered by UFIP's rich catalogue.

UFIP cymbals are played by many of the world's most discerning drummers due to their extra frequency range from lows to highs, a cleaner fundamental tone and their pure character, especially when compared to other production line cymbals.

Those who are in search of an instrument of superior quality and an instrument that always stands out for its excellent value for money, will find in UFIP the perfect instrument to play their music at its best.

This range of cymbals owes its name to the apparently unfinished look of the cymbal surface. In fact this is due to an elaborate process of micro-lathing which has the function of creating small grooves on the cymbal surface. Furthermore, the hammering is carried out with no less than five different round punches of unusually large dimensions.
The result of this process is easy to hear. Rough Series cymbals are the ideal instrument in those situations in which a very precise sound full of medium frequencies is required. Both on stage and in the recording studio, these cymbals guarantee an astonishing force of penetration.

All of the different series of UFIP crashes all sound amazing and usually leave all other brand crash cymbals sounding less than desirable, but the Rough Series has a combination of warm, clean fundamental tones combined with a hint of trashinesh & a slightly more subtle stick definition making it a perfect all rounder.
These cymbals have a bunch of frequencies not usually found most other cymbals and seem to work easily with any musical situation.

It is a little known fact that Stewart Copeland during his time with the 'Police' although endorsed by another major cymbal company only used UFIP splashes both live and in the studio whenever possible.
He affectionately named his trusty pair of splashes 'splish snd splosh'!



Display Clearance Ufip Rough Series 16 inch Crash Cymbal ONE ONLY

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