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Digitech Brian May Signature Pedal

Digitech Brian May Signature Pedal


SEVEN Signature Tones that Rocked the World. The Brian May Red Special Pedal lets you bring your own personal creations to life using one of rock's most distinctive guitar tones.

Working closely with Brian May and Eddie Kramer, Senior Production Modeling Consultant (and world-class recording engineer), our Production Modeling™ team delivers the tone that has inspired a generation of guitarists.

The meticulously crafted tones of the Red Special Pedal are modeled with the same gear used in the original recordings.

Design your own unique tones using the Red Special Pedal’s models and modes. Tweak the gain, level, bass, treble and control knobs to create your own tone.

We’ve even included a proprietary guitar knob that re-voices your guitar to sound like Brian’s legendary Red Special’s Burns™ Tri-Sonic pickups.


  • Integral hard-wired dynamic analog treble booster
  • Guitar knob lets you optimize Red Special Pedal's voicing to suit your guitar's pickups
  • Flexible Output Mode™
  • Mono amp or Mixer and Stereo Mixer and Stereo Amp
  • Vintage wood grain finish unique to each pedal inspired by Brian's own handcrafted one-of-a-kind guitar, the Red Special
  • Includes embroidered bag, Brian’s plectrum of choice, a British Sixpence and power supply


1. Keep Yourself Alive
  • Intro with modeled tape flange.
  • Solo with tape flange.
2. Bohemian Rhapsody
The timeless rock anthem truly comes to life thanks to DigiTech® Production Modeling™.
  • 1st Solo with vocal-like sustain achieved with out-of-phase Red Special guitar neck and middle pickups.
  • Heavy Rock Rhythm and Finale Orchestral Fanfare with “Deacy” amp.
3. Tie Your Mother Down
  • Intro with Brian’s “main” tone with volume backed off to ¾ using bridge and middle pickups.
  • Solo tone using the bridge and middle pickups and the volume full up. Just add a bottle slide for the perfect finishing touch to this great tone.
4. We Will Rock You/Champions
The classic rally anthem for the people. "Take on the world someday…wavin’ your banner all over the place"
  • Fiery rhythm and lead tones using neck and middle out-of-phase and in-phase into the treble booster, Foxx™* Foot Phaser and AC30.
5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Stunning acoustic intro modeled from an Ovation®* 6-string.
  • Solo — a rare instance where Brian used a Fender™ * ­Telecaster™* and a mid 60’s guitar amp for a more rockabilly sound.
6. Brighton Rock Solo - Live
  • Brian’s main live solo tone with tight chorus and delay. Bridge and middle pickups in phase, treble booster and three Vox® *AC30 amps.
  • Alternative main live tone with Orchestral Harmonizer in 3-part pitch-shifting.
7. Deacy Tone / A Winter’s Tale
  • Clean Red Special Guitar tone, treble booster, deacy.
  • Same clean tone with delay and reverb added as a post effect.

Production Modeling

The DigiTech Artist Series including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Dan Donegan and Scott Ian, set a new standard for modeling.

We all buy records, tapes and CDs of our favorite artist. After we tirelessly repeat, rewind and playback that guitar riff to nail it note for note, we search high and low for all the right gear to get the tone, sometimes the exact component. Guitar, amp, cabinet, effects… it’s endless. But, something is still missing. Sure, we may never have the chops of the artist but we’ve bought all the right gear. So, what is it? What’s missing?

The audio signal path as heard on a recording consists of the guitar, effects, amp, cabinet and whatever the unknown tweaks a recording engineer did to the audio signal before and after it was recorded. This last element we call the Recording Engineer’s Magic. It’s not just limited to preamps, processors, equalizers, compressors and limiters. What about the mics, their placement, the room? All of the elements that intentionally or unintentionally ended up on the recording. Our new technology, all encompassing the signal path, is called Production Modeling™. It is meticulously replicating all the elements in the signal path including the Recording Engineer’s or Producer’s Magic. When Production Modeling is combined with our existing effects, amp and cabinet modeling technology the sum is the sound as heard on a recording. OK, so the guitarist’s playing dynamics, style and artistry can’t be found in a box anywhere, but Production Modeling gets you the exact tone as heard on your favorite record, tape and CD including the dynamic interaction between the all the elements. This technology is a tool to reproduce the tone of an artist as well as a tool to develop your own tone.

In the words of legendary Queen Guitarist Brian May: "Our hope is that you, the guitarist of the future, will use this machine as an aid to creating your own new tones, and inspire you to greater heights." Circa May '06

Since it’s unveiling, Production Modeling and the DigiTech Artist Series Pedals have received the highest praise from users and critics such as 2007 MIPA and Guitar Player, 2006 Most Innovative Product, Guitar One’s Mark of Excellence, Guitar World’s Platinum Award for Quality and Design, Guitar Players Pick Award, MIA 2006 Award for Excellence, Total Guitar Best Buy just to name a few.


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